MoMo Output Formats

MoMo Results HTML Format

See this sample HTML results file.

The MoMo HTML file contains five sections:

Motifs are reported in the Results section in the order in which they are found by MoMo. The entry for each motif contains three entries:

The Motif Description Line contains the following fields, depending on the algorithm you chose:

MoMo Results TSV Format

See this sample TSV results file.

The Results TSV file contains the same information as the Motif Description Line (see above) in the HTML output format. The column headers are self-explanatory.

MoMo Results Text Format

See this sample motifs file.

The Results Text file contains each of the motifs found by MoMo in MEME motif format. MoMo creates these position-frequency matrix motifs by aligning the foreground peptides matching the motif and computing the position-frequency matrix. No pseudo-counts are added. For motif-x motifs, MoMo writes the value of 'tests' times the 'unadjusted p-value' in the E-value field, and '1' in that field for all other types of motifs.